Monday, 20 December 2010

5 sleeps, 5 sleeps!

So... I haven't blogged since June! oops. That's like 6 months. Im sorry! Anyway, on with the blog post:)
So its 5 sleeps till christmas... and i am SO excited! I am like a big kid, i LOVE christmas.. its one of my favourite times of year:) I have got most things sorted: bath bomb for christmas eve;) (lush cinders), most presents, cards, christmas tree and decorations, ive made the christmas cake and my mum has bought the christmas pudding and had made what she needs to make:) I have made the pastry for the mince pies which I will hopefully finish tomorrow. I am up to date on my advent calender (hehe) and all my christmas cards are up. All there is to do is to buy about 1 present and wrap them all, write a couple of cards which I will give on christmas day, and finish with the cooking :) yippeeeeeeeee!
I also had a MASSIVE tidy up in my room today, all in time for christmas. I changed everything around and moved my bed and furniture so it makes my room look bigger, and I have sorted out my wardrobe, make up collection, drawers, cupboards, book shelves, ornament shelves, I put all my christmas cards up, etc etc etc :) So I am really happy because everything is so organized and i love it like that :)
I am in such a good mood right now, and even 1 bad thing (a company I wanted to buy make up super cheaply from doesn't ship internationally:(.) hasn't upset me. I am so so so happy.... 5 sleeeeeeeeps:)!
Anyway, enough about me. What are you asking for for christmas this year everyone? And also, I might start doing videos on youtube? what do you think? Im not sure:$

Im off to sleep:)

Friday, 11 June 2010

Throughout the years - birth to pre-school

This seems like such a fun tag and I am so excited to do it, so here goes!
From birth to pre-school I don't really remember much, but looking back at photos and old videos I have found out about things I used to do when I was younger!
I live near the beach, so my Grandparents have a beach hut and I know I used to go down there a lot in the summer when I was little. My mum has told me many times how I used to ask my grandma if she had brought 'Bicscits' down to the beach with her and she always did:) Until one time when I asked her and she said no and I cried!
When I was 4 and just about to leave pre-school, I fell out of bed and broke my collarbone! I had to go to hospital and have my arm in a sling (which I refused to wear, but thankfully the doctor said it was ok and I wasn't going to have a funny shaped arm or anything!). Sadly I missed my last day of preschool :( but they made a big card for me with a big sunflower made out of tissue paper and straws! (I must have liked it because it is one of the only things I can remember!)
the pre-school assistant person brought it round which was very sweet of her :)
I don't really remember anything else about this time so I guess I will just end it here and look out for some more blogs and more throughout the years tags!


She's back in town!

Wow, this feels so weird, I haven't written a blog in SO long. it has literaly been 2 months since i last wrote anything on here!
I have got quite a lot to talk about :)
So, on sunday there will be a week till my birthday, yay :) I really can't wait as for my present I am getting a laptop! We already ordered it, and it is already here, sitting right behind me and waiting for it's box to be opened...
but I will not give into the temptation, haha!

So for my party this year I am having a disco, woop! I haven't got anything to wear so tomorrow I am going shopping with my friend to buy a whole new outfit :) I can't wait, I LOVE SHOPPING!

I never realised how much preparation goes into a party.. invitations, food, venue, booking, DJ, song list, outfit, guest list, it takes so long! I have given out the invitations and booked the venue and DJ (all with the help of my mum and dad!) I have written the song list but have yet to give it to the DJ, I'm buying my outfit tomorrow but not enough people have told me they are coming yet to write a guest list (although I could start!) and it is too early to get food because it is in 2 weeks time. There is a sleepover after as well which should be great :D

Anyway, enough about birthdays and parties! Did you all have a good half term? I went on holiday which was great fun :)
Next blog (maybe tonight:]) will be throughout the years tag, a tag going round on youtube. I don't do vlogs but i thought a blog would do just as well so look out for that :)
see ya!


Wednesday, 14 April 2010

so its like really late at night but i just cannot sleep. So I decided to blog as I haven't done one in like a week. So I decided I was going to blog about the easter hols and what I have done :) So I havent had many days where I've like done, nothing, but one or two can't be bad for you :). So the first day of the hols, friday, I did like nothing. Caught up on sleep and homework, tidied my room and planned for other days I guess :). So saturday I went shopping with my friend and then sunday it was easter and mmy mum's birthday so we went out for lunch. Monday my friend came round. Tuesday - nothing really, went outside most of the day as it was really warm so was out in the garden. Wednesday it wasn't so warm- it rained:(.I went to the cinema to see nanny mcphee which was good :) Thursday was really warm so I went down to the beach with my fam. Then friday I went round to my friends with a couple of people and we were in our bikinis outside like the whole day :) :) :) My friend slept over that night, it was a great sleepover:) I honestly can't remember what I did Saturday day but in the evening I went out for dinner. Sunday I went round to my friends with a couple of people and again we were in our bikinis! Monday I went swimming in the morning with the cutest little 3 year old boys! Then I went round to my other friends and slept there, and tuesday I went to see remember me with her (SO SAD, BUT AMAZING!). Wednesday I went round to my other friends (as you can see I like going round to my friends haha). So I'm not sure what I am doing tomorrow but friday hopefully I'm going shopping with my mum. Not sure about the weekend yet! Then it's back to school.. :( :( :(
So, sorry if that was pretty boring but that was like a real blog, telling you about what I did I guess? haha anyway you didn't have to read it if you didn't want to :P
Not going to promise any blogs because I won't keep my promises - I'm bad like that !


Thursday, 8 April 2010

Global warming finally kicks in..and I'm loving it:)

All I can say is wow. Today has been the hottest day since like forever, since when do we get this weather at the beginning of April?? And the last few weeks there has been non-stop rain! So, then this 20 degrees weather comes along (I know it doesn't sound that hot but at the moment all we are having is 12 degrees to 15 usually!) I've been sunbathing at the beach (ok maybe not in a bikini, but in shorts and a vest top!) Where you are living, have you had this weather? Comment below or message me about it:)
So, yes, I said yesterday I would blog.. and I failed to deliver, sorry! I was just really busy as my next door neighbor has gone away and we have to look after the tortoises so I was up in her garden at like 9.30am! Then I went to my friends house and as I said went to the cinema, and then I tidied my bedroom and had to hoover etc. So I was really busy all day and didn't get round to telling you how the film was. Well, now I will:). It was great! It was one of the funniest films i have seen all year! I mean, it wasn't really made for my age group, but I found it hilarious! Either side of us were 3 year old children and they were just kind of getting bored and just like sitting there and there was me and my friend crying with laughter! And if you have seen it, the funniest bit I thought was the bit where the rich boy comes down in the gas mask! No one else was laughing but me and I had tears running down my face I found it so funny! Anyway.. tell me what you thought of it in the comments if you have seen it and if you haven't, SEE IT! It is the best U i've ever seen.
So, i'm off now, facebook and wii fit plus I think:)
Look out for my next blog!

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Hi guys :)
I'm sorry I haven't been blogging the past few days, I didn't really have anything to blog about! I was going to do a blog Easter Sunday but I just didn't get time as I went out for lunch and then some family came over and then I just stuffed my face with easter eggs.. Oh yes. I am going to be so fat by the end of the holidays, I have so many easter eggs because my family is rather large! haha:) So to sort of keep me from getting too big, I have been playing on the wii fit plus my mum got for her birthday.. it is really addicting and actually really fun! It's like the best way to burn calories and tone up. The new games are so fun :) Today I have only done about half an hour of the activities on there and I have burnt 100 calories (It tells you) which is pretty good for something really fun! I really reccomend it, it is really good. And if you have already got the wii fit balance board, the actual wii fit plus disk is only about £15! Bargain! haha :)

I haven't really got anything else to blog about really but hopefully tomorrow I will have a blog up about New Moon (the film - I got the books for christmas and i'm still only on the 70th page of Twilight.. the only time I read it is when we have to in English class!). But I'll just say that I thought it was really good :) I did see it at the cinema but just got the dvd so that will be up tomorrow, along with my reactions on the 2nd Nanny Mcphee film i am seeing at the cinema tomorrow haha :)

So look out for that.

Saturday, 3 April 2010

March Favourites

Hey everyone!
So I decided to do a March favourites, I have been meaning to do one for the last couple of days, so here we go.
The first favourite for March is my batiste tropical dry shampoo.
Oh My. This product is actually the most amazing hair product. I'd heard of dry shampoo before but never tried it out so I went to my local Superdrug and found the cheapest brand - Batiste, just in case it wasn't very good. So I tried it out when my hair got a little greasy and it did wonders! No joke, this product is amazing - It was £1.99, I would happily pay £10 for this!

The next favourite for March is my Barry M nail varnish in cyan blue, 294. It's in a really bright blue colour and it's so nice - it's like electric blue, and I mean that!! I love Barry M nail varnishes and I am building up my collection - 7 so far haha :).

My next 2 favourites are both from The Body Shop. The first one is my moisturiser at the moment (for night as it is a cream and quite thick - I also use it when my skin is really dry) It is vitamin E Moisture Cream and it is so effective, literally 5 minutes after I put it on my skin feels soft and not dry any more :) It is a tiny pot but you don't have to put much on as it it quite thick.

The other item from the body shop is the strawberry body butter. My favourite thing about this is the smell. All I can say is YUM! It is really a creamy body butter and I use it when my legs and arms are really dry and they need some pampering!!

The last thing in my March favourites is my mascara. It is the Maybelline Volume Express 100% black mascara (I think I mentioned it in my last post). It is so good and really makes your lashes look long and thick and b.e.a.utiful haha :).

So these are my favourites for this month, hope this helped you! Thanks for reading :)
Will hopefully have another post up tomorrow so look out for that. Have a good Easter everyone!!

Much love;x